Laughter Is The Best Medicine

It, probably, is.

Laughter is evoked as a result of humour enjoyed. Hear or read a joke, respond to it, and it elicits positive emotions and a deep, internal, massage. You may even enjoy an endorphin boost; way more efficient than that earned from running.

I enjoy most kinds of humour, even the dark, satirical, and cheeky ones. I love, especially, children’s humour. As a corporate trainer, I share jokes and riddles in my workshops. My students tend to enjoy this form of humour. I teach a management class called ‘Using Humour At The Workplace’, because managers realise the relevance of applying it in meetings and presentations.

I tend to avoid humour that may be discriminating, disrespectful, and uncomfortable. I have learnt that there is a time and a place to share jokes as were used in comedy clubs or on-stage.

Humour is useful in stage presentations. I learnt from speaker Wolfgang Riebe, to compile jokes and riddles for each category or profession. Choose them for each specific audience. This is a very useful way to use your non-working time, as you can enjoy these juicy bits of business, and then record them.

Telling a joke requires practice, rehearsals and, above all, testing it out on smaller, forgiving audiences. As a playwright, I experiment with new material and test it out and Facebook and Twitter. Sure, I do get the occasional groans, but when you hit a gem, and your friends help you build on it – you keep it!

Borrow material, modify it, but acknowledge sources when you can. It is a respectful thing to do, as theft of intellectual property is still rampant among entertainers, too. Remember to credit comedians, photographers, writers, artists – professional and amateurs – and hope they keep creating original content.

Be funny, but be nice.

Published by EnricoVarella

Enrico is a international leadership consultant who has trained and consulted with supervisors and managers in 20 countries over 27 years. A professional of myriad interests, he enjoys learning, applying new ideas, researching, and sharing. His complementary roles include Public Volunteer, Public Speaker, Gamification Facilitator, Playwright, Sports-Coach, and Magician. He is a 23-time Ironman triathlon finisher, and has completed the Ironman World Championships in Kona and Boston Marathon. He enjoys the occasional fermented brews with friends, comedy (no joke is too lame or corny), and aspires for low body-fat. He is still a Work-In-Progress, chipping away at the unwanted pieces from the block of stone.

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