Mind, Mirth & Magic


I am Enrico Varella. By day, I am a mild-mannered corporate-trainer specialised in leadership training and development. I conduct workshops for supervisors, team-leaders, managers and leaders. I also provide consulting on Change Management, focused on transformational processes and strategies with corporate leaders. I also provide customised speaking services.

By night, I assume several roles, including volunteer, sports-coach, brand advocate, triathlete, and magician. These are subjects I am passionate about, and that have become my lifestyle.

I surround myself with smart people. I believe that ‘The Room Is The Expert’. I ask questions, interview, and exchange ideas with people who demonstrate their personal leadership.

From these warm and generous interactions, I will share essays, stories, ideas, research, and updates about  the progressive field of People Development here. Do visit whenever you can. You will meet many of my fascinating and inspiring friends and students.

If you enjoy something lighter, I have a wide sense of humour. You may find something to laugh about. Laughter is healthy, costs nothing, except your intellectual connection.

Life is good. Treat each other better. We can only live to our best.

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