The Art of Illusion


It has been described that ‘Art imitates life’.

How much of that is true?

I am a Fan of magic. I am a Student of the Magic, mainly in the field of Sleight of Hand magic. Magic has its history from recorded history, and the first printed book on magic was from the 1700’s – ‘The Discovery of Witchcraft’ by Sir Reginald Scott.

I grew up watching magicians like David Copperfield, Doug Henning, and Wayne Dobson (‘It’s A Kind of Magic’). Since then, I have been hooked by small and large illusions, reading magic publications, practising magic, being an active member of a magic club, attending magic conventions, and performing my magic for audiences.

I tend to integrate magic into my workshops and keynote presentations. I use it as a form of illustration to connect with concepts and principles of people management. It helps me connect with my students better and convincingly, especially in creative problem-solving workshops. They get to enjoy some impressive ideas that I have learnt from magic creators and designers.

Magic creates emotion responses unlike other psychological methodology: Astonishment, amazement, and wonderment. Many magicians recall their first moment of being amazed by the simplest of tricks, yet it is so indelible in its imprint in that special moment.

My highlights in magic include winning club-level magic competitions, being featured on television (‘Mondo Magic Singapore’), performing magic in a hotel in Tokyo, and having my ideas published in magical publications. Mostly, it is about performing for appreciative audiences around the world whether for work or on vacation.

My most magical moments performing magic: Performing magic for 3-hours-daily, 30-days-in-a-row, promoting whiskies at the airport. Otherwise, I have left a trail of signed cards on ceiling over 20 countries. The worst part: I was asked by the banquet-manager to remove it from a 30-foot high ceiling. Stumped by the response of the amazed staff, I gave a clap, the card fell near my hand. It was a moment to be relished by all present…I love Magic!

Published by EnricoVarella

Enrico is a international leadership consultant who has trained and consulted with supervisors and managers in 20 countries over 27 years. A professional of myriad interests, he enjoys learning, applying new ideas, researching, and sharing. His complementary roles include Public Volunteer, Public Speaker, Gamification Facilitator, Playwright, Sports-Coach, and Magician. He is a 23-time Ironman triathlon finisher, and has completed the Ironman World Championships in Kona, and 3 X Boston Marathon. He enjoys the occasional fermented brews with friends, comedy (no joke is too lame or corny), and aspires for low body-fat. He is still a Work-In-Progress, chipping away at the unwanted pieces from the block of stone.

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