Rebuilding A Team Of Distinction In The New Norm (2020)

The pandemic has flicked a ‘re-set’ button for us. Globally, we face the impact of decisions born of safety, health, consideration and care. However, it has led us to consider seriously review and recalibrate what our choices are, career-wise, business-wise, and lifestyle-wise.

  1. Re-build Your Team: The fallout from this global disease is not over, yet we can begin rebuilding our companies and business now. From what we have learnt, recently, about Work-From-Home behaviors and results, we can strengthen our team’s PURPOSE and VISION. The axiom ‘The journey may matter more than the destination’ can be reinforced now. Our journey towards our collective future is analogous to expedition-hunters who seek to find buried treasure. Our Teams may need to brave the unexplored terrain and harsh environment, so as to reach their destination. The promise of a new land of opportunity will still require a premise to travel there. As you embark on your new expedition, you will need to undergo forming, storming, and norming, before you can resume performing.
  • Imagine What Your Future Can Be: Our Corporate Vision can be cascaded into ‘Dreams’ for each business unit. Ask your team: What would we see and feel when we attain a new measure of success? Without thought for a new goal, intent, or purpose there would be no direction or focus. Until we imagine and create ‘alternative worlds’ (outcomes), we cannot proceed with assurance and confidence. When we decide on a destination, we can then map our COURSE OF ACTION, INVEST IN RESOURCES and CHART OUR COURSE.
  • How Will You Create A Resourceful Team? Requesting for resources to implement new initiatives is a natural response to changes. Yet, most times we are sub-optimising on these assets. Our RETURN ON INVESTMENT and PRODUCTIVITY is markedly reduced because we focus on the mindset of SURVIVING, instead on THRIVING or MAXIMISING. How do we mine every opportunity to create VALUE for your staff, customers and partners? Until, our teams learn to embrace a new MINDSET, ATTITUDE, VALUES and direct these into new BEHAVIORS, they may fear the unknown and uncertain.

There are contemporary ways we can achieve more in these three areas: On-The-Job Learning (70%) is, probably, the most cost-effective and relevant. Working in an immersive environment where WISDOM is gleaned from every success and mistake is priceless. Learning Through Others (20%) is another useful way, as we learn from the coaching and mentoring of our peers and senior colleagues. Classroom Learning (10%) provides that final touch of structure, assessment and guided reflection.

GROUP-PLAY (through team activities and team challenges) can translate into learning opportunities integrated with FUN. Staff and employees can engaged more emotionally, intellectually and professionally, when we create a fun learning space focused on a demanding task. From there, you can harness ‘gems’ from GENEROUS REFLECTION after the event. Your team can realise many A-HA MOMENTS, which can be applied to the professional arena. We can help you do this in LARGE GROUPS (20-100) on an ONLINE PLATFORM and, in-person (when the lockdown rules allow) to facilitate Diamonds of Amazonia.  

Should you wish to actively and confidently expand your choices in developing your team, do contact us. We will be pleased to serve you.

Published by EnricoVarella

Enrico is a international leadership consultant who has trained and consulted with supervisors and managers in 20 countries over 27 years. A professional of myriad interests, he enjoys learning, applying new ideas, researching, and sharing. His complementary roles include Public Volunteer, Public Speaker, Gamification Facilitator, Playwright, Sports-Coach, and Magician. He is a 23-time Ironman triathlon finisher, and has completed the Ironman World Championships in Kona, and 3 X Boston Marathon. He enjoys the occasional fermented brews with friends, comedy (no joke is too lame or corny), and aspires for low body-fat. He is still a Work-In-Progress, chipping away at the unwanted pieces from the block of stone.

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