I love games: Board-games, puzzles, Adventure-Learning , Team-building events, online business simulations, and virtual-sports.

The key word for playing games is: FUN! You got to have fun.

One stunning example of how fun has been integrated effectively and with stunning impact is the Pike Fish Company in the Farmers’ Market in Seattle. FUN is one of the four philosophies of business success for humble fish-mongers. Staff of a healthy-eating cafe would ask you for the name of your favourite animated character, to identify your order: It retains your privacy and raises you to celebrity, incognito, status! [I chose ‘Iron Man’.]

We provide resources for you and your organisation. Having conducted and facilitated games within learning workshops internationally over-20 years, we have found that HIGH-PERFORMANCE TEAMS enjoy playing games. The teams that continue to maximise results, optimise on their use of ‘serious play’. They have fun while doing serious work that matter. We would recommend that you consider integrating ‘playful seriousness’ in the ‘games’ that intrigue and interests the high-performers. These include:

  1. A Maximising Mindset
  2. Strategic Planning
  3. Resourcefulness
  4. Productivity

If you would like to explore table-top and online games, we would be pleased to share our range of learning products for employees, teams and executives.

Meanwhile, reflect on the games that you play!

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