My Happiness Hacks For 2016


1) Exercise when you can. Get off the couch/chair!
2) Colour your life. Wear brighter and gaudy colours.
3) Greet everyone you know/see/meet.
4) Pat (gently) a dog/cat. Therapeutic touching.
5) Eat comfort foods occasionally. The 20 percent of the 80:20 Rule.
6) Hang out with positive happy, like-minded, people.
7) Drink coffee. Buy a friend a coffee.
8) Eat good fats (coconut oil, olive oil, butter).
9) Drink juices (pomegranate, tart cherry, ginger) to reduce soreness and inflammation.
10) Listen to (non-violent) music. Immerse in the melody and lyrics.
11) Spend time in sunlight. Have more natural light illuminate your surroundings.
12) Actively and passively Meditate. Stop and smell your surroundings.
13) Take on a new challenge. Achieve it, and relish in the results.
14) Travel – near of far – and visit, photograph, and connect with people.
15) Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (change your crappy thoughts into new useful expressive behaviors).
16) Eat a variety of greens, reds and orange (vegetables, that is).
17) Do your hobbies – regularly. Pursue your passions.
18) Get grounded. Walk barefoot on earth, sand, grass and water.
19) Place good smells around your house (flowers, essential oils).
20) Take regular breaks.
21) Tell a joke, share and spread humour around.


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